Heavy Duty Trucks are the backbone of US economy

Our mission is to disrupt the decentralized and inefficient US trucking industry with a patent-pending, game-changing, solution.

Truckers will be safer and save up to

$10,000 / year / truck


Earn more money

Avoid accidents

Spend more time with family

To do that they have to check up to 6 different tools every day to get a poor and incomplete outcome


  1. We Integrate and compare bests loads by profit and geolocation.
  2. We plan the week to maximize profitability with multiple loads, Safety and Family Tim.
  3. We give real time recommendations to save money and avoid accidents

Truckers will be safer and save up to $10,000 / year / truck

With TRUCKERS FIRST, truckers can organize their safer, HOS compliant, customized round trip to earn more money and enjoy more family time

Truckers organize their week with most profitable and safest loads complying with HOS.

Loads are offered based on current or future location, profit and trucker’s defined goals, based on wind flows to spend less and avoid accidents.

Aggregates and customizes all information in one place: weather, tolls, cheapest gas stations, least weight stations route, fuel consumption, risk evaluation, traffic and multiple load planning.



They plan the week and earning more money

and time to spend with family.

The time is now! We have more information than ever before!

We integrate >10 different sources of information

  • Slope, weather & road conditions (ExoVars) have an impact of up to 40% on the Heavy Duty Trucks engine’s performance on all freights long, year-round, worldwide
  • Most exovars can change up to 99% within
6 hrs. Truckers who leverage favorable exovars emit less CO₂ and save up to 20% in fuel consumption
  • In contrast, unfavorable exovars make up to 20% of uncalculated spending (hidden costs) and greenhouse gas emissions

Truckers First suggest their best options, and truckers choose

  1. Get the most profitable load nearby
  2. If they can’t change the load, change the departure time that best fits their costs, 
  3. Increase their rates if possible
  4. Do not take the job if safety conditions are not favorables
  5. Do not take anti-economic freights if possible


We can achieve Kyoto and Paris 2030 compliance NOW!


When freight transportation underperforms, economies pay the price

  • HDTs are the major source of Greenhouse Gas emissions
(5% of total emissions)
  • We reduce up to 20% CO₂ emissions
  • If every HDT driver used our apps we could achieve Kyoto and Paris 2030 compliance NOW!

  • United States, Europe, among other countries are net importers of crude oil and diesel
  • Fuel price is expected to keep increasing and fuel costs are passed onto consumers through higher priced products
  • When freight transportation
underperforms, freight-related businesses and their customers are affected: freight assets become less productive, and more freight transportation must be consumed

Our Vision

Front-winds and crosswinds are  the main cause of 20%  avoidable fuel consumption and hundred of thousands of avoidable trucking accidents.

We see a future where all trucking transit (manual and autonomous) will be organized in a whole, intelligently dispatched not only by traffic; but by catching favorable-wind flows when possible.

What about the electric trucks?

Fact #1 Long haul trucks are expected the be the latest to be electrical due to battery size, and we save energy, not just fuel.

Fact #2 Front winds decrease the autonomy of electric trucks, implying uncertainty to reach charging stations or destination. Our Cloud MPG algorithm helps drivers to check it before leaving.

What about the autonomous trucks?

Fact #1 AT will make our fuel savings impact greater because they can leave at any time, stop and adjust their speed according to our Cloud MPG recommendations.

Fact #2 AT do not have a driver to “feel” the wind and weather conditions, we help them avoid accidents.

We are closing a new round on May 2018



Interested? Let’s talk about it.

Ignacio Dodero

Co-Founder & CEO 

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US +1 (909) STRATOROADS (787-2867)

Worldwide (+54-911) 4945-9951


HDT routing must and will be redefined.

We plan to disrupt the economic backbone of the world using exovars.

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